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The little brothers of the Lamb
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Construction has begun!

Confiding in Divine Providence, at the end of 2014 we started fundraising to build a monastery for the little brothers. We received a piece of land that was a part of the former baseball field at the intersection of Boeke Street and Homer Avenue. On Pentecost, the day before Archbishop Joseph Naumann’s birthday, we broke ground! It was a beautiful and exciting moment.
Already on August 13th, we, the little brothers, started to work on the property, and the next day a bulldozer arrived! Construction has begun! We will keep you up-to-date on the little monastery’s progress:

Progress of the brothers’ little monastery

The Monastery
The monastery has two parts. The first part has a chapel and large welcoming dining room where anyone can spend time with us, whether it be for a meal, or a simple time of friendship. We want it to be felt by each, but especially by those of the neighborhood suffering with addictions or other poverties to feel that this is their monastery. It will not be a soup kitchen; we want to have a personal relationship with each person who comes, that you can feel welcome as in a family. The second part of the monastery is the cloister, it is a place of prayer and silence, where the little brothers can rest at night (in the cells which are around the cloister) or study (our study is focused most of all on the Bible, the Fathers of the Church, and on the Catechism of the Church.) There is also an office where the little brothers can work on administrative and liturgical tasks. The chapel is the place where the brothers pray every morning and evening, it is also the place where we have a weekly chapter, and the daily chapter of forgiveness (when we ask for each other’s forgiveness). When a friend or a visitor comes to the monastery we lead them to the chapel for a time of prayer together.

The Fundraising
The fundraising for this project began in November 2014. One of our first wishes was to give a strong spiritual foundation to this monastery. We went to many schools of the neighborhood to beg for the children’s prayer. Now we are coming close to finishing the fundraising, and are grateful for the generosity of so many people of the diocese.

We are very humbled by this great adventure. Would you help us to build our little monastery? You can help us with your ideas, your talents, your creativity.
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little brothers of the Lamb
801 Vermont Ave.
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Mission Stories
“When you go to beg your daily bread in the neighborhood and knock on doors, to the world you seem to bring nothing to those homes, but in reality you are bringing the love of Christ, the hope of Christ, the joy of Christ to those that you visit, inspiring in them, invoking in them a realization of God’s presence.”(Homily by Archbishop Naumann)

A mother, whose house had just been broken in to, welcomed us for dinner. While we were praying together, out of her heart came the words: “Lord, forgive those who did this and forgive us who are also sinners.” We then prayed the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father Who art in heaven… Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us….”

A little family welcomed us for a meal. In the middle of the meal, the mother shared with tears her anguish. Her son is in jail and her daughter is going through a very difficult moment. Suddenly she exclaims joyfully “How can I be sad today? God has visited us! Thank you for your visit!”

In a soup kitchen a visibly poor man sitting across from us is sharing about his life. Suddenly a tear rolls down from his eye, “You know, nobody has ever listened to me like you are doing now…”

A poor elderly woman accompanied by her grandson tells us her whole life story. Her sons died in a car accident. Later, her house was ransacked three times by thieves. They stole everything even her dentures! She was left alone to take care of her grandchildren. Her life has been full of so much suffering. She asks us “Do you really believe in paradise?” Then, she asks us to pray for her. We pray together “Our Father Who art in heaven … Thy kingdom come…”

Mass and vigils are celebrated at our sisters’ little monastery Lumen Christi 36 S. Boeke St. Kansas City, KS 66101.
Mass and Adoration Schedule here.