Fanjeaux, France

Petites soeurs de l’Agneau
Little monastery ‘Joyous Light’
Saint Pierre
11270 Plavilla
Tel. (0033) 4 68 60 53 11

Saint Pierre, A land for God | In this privileged place devoted to prayer and contemplation, we learn to live simply and poorly, abandoned to Providence, in fraternal communion, and humble, joyful service, with the work that is required for the upkeep of this big piece of land.

The little monastery “Joyous Light” in Saint Pierre | We have grown from 12 little sisters in 1983 to 160 today. It is necessary to adapt the buildings of Saint Pierre to the current needs of our community. We received the construction permit in July 2015 and plan to begin construction in May 2016.

The little monastery of Saint Pierre will allow:
- young sisters to receive formation
- elderly and ill little sisters to continue to participate in our daily life
- our friends, poor and rich, to come and be renewed in prayer and fraternal life.

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See the construction advance month by month. – June 2016

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Why the name : “Joyous Light”? | At the hour of sunset on the 22nd February 1993, on the feast day of the Chair of Saint Peter, we came to a place called « The Sheepfold, Saint-Pierre ». We were 15 km away from Fanjeaux; the place where Saint Dominic received the charism which would give birth to the Order of Preachers. The sun was so beautiful at it’s setting; like a ‘ball of fire’ ablaze on the horizon, just as it was at the beginning of the Order when our Father Saint Dominic, whilst praying to ask where he was to build the first monastery of sisters, suddenly saw a ‘ball of fire’ which showed him the place. On that evening, ‘The Sheepfold, Saint-Pierre,’ filled with Light, was preparing to welcome other ‘Lambs,’ and on the 22nd February 1994, Saint-Pierre became our ‘Community Home’. Thus, in memory of these events, the ‘Little monastery’ received the name ‘Joyous Light;’ the first words of the hymn which sings of Christ, the ‘Joyous Light.’ He is the one who dwells forever and triumphs over the darkness when evening comes and night falls upon so many hearts who suffer and are in pain: ‘Joyous Light;’ that light which shines in the heart of the Church, ‘the Joy of the Gospel.’

Sunday, Mass at 11am,
Vespers followed by Adoration at 6pm
During the week, Mass at 12pm

For young people : International monastic retreat from the 1st to the 10th August 2017. See the page Young adults.

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