Fanjeaux, France

Petites soeurs de l’Agneau
Little monastery ‘Joyous Light’
Saint Pierre
11270 Plavilla
Tel. (0033) 4 68 60 53 11

Saint Pierre, A land for God | In this privileged place devoted to prayer and contemplation, we learn to live simply and poorly, abandoned to Providence, in fraternal communion, and humble, joyful service, with the work that is required for the upkeep of this big piece of land.

The little monastery “Joyous Light” in Saint-Pierre | Today, the Community is made up of 160 sisters and thanks to your help,”Saint-Pierre” remains the “family home” of our growing Community! This little monastery in Saint-Pierre will allow:
- for us to welcome new vocations
- for our elderly and sick sisters to remain in the midst of us
- for us to open our table more widely to all, and especially to the most needy who come to draw strength from prayer and community life.

Liturgy |
Mass at 12pm during the week
On Sunday – Mass at 11am followed by a shared meal, Adoration at 4pm in the chapel of Sainte Marie des Anges and Vespers at 5pm in the chapel of la Trinité

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