We need your help

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As mendicants, we rely completely on Divine Providence for all of our daily needs.

We need your help for the construction of our little monasteries and for the necessities of our daily life.
Each year, young people join us to respond to the call of the Lord. Thanks to your generosity, your ideas, your skills, your availability; you make our mission throughout the world possible.

Kansas City

Little monastery “Light of Christ”

To support the mission of the little sisters of the Lamb in Kansas City:

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• You may send a check to:

The little sisters of the Lamb
36 South Boeke Street
Kansas City, Kansas 66101

Saint-Pierre, France

Land for God, ‘Community home’

To support the project of the little monastery “Joyous Light”:

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Please contact us if you have any questions (33)4 68 23 53 58.

Petites sœurs de l’Agneau
Saint-Pierre, Plavilla