Fraternity of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Hermanitas del Cordero
Parroquia Sant Jaume
c/ Ferran 28
Tel. (+34) 93 317 09 37

For more than 30 years the Community of the Lamb has had a humble presence in Barcelona, living a life of prayer and liturgical celebration, offering friendship to all, and especially to the poorest. We are now about to begin the project of construction of a “little monastery of the Lamb” in Barcelona, so fruitful in others cities in Europe and America.

Subjects on this page:

-Celebration of the Liturgy
-Young Adults
-School of the Word
-News of the mission in Barcelona
-Open table

-The little monastery “Light of the Lamb”

Celebration of the Liturgy

For more informantion: see our site in Spanish.

Young Adults

Retreats Downtown
Participating in the major liturgical feasts with the Community of the Lamb, especially at Christmas time and Holy Week.
For other events with the little sisters of Barcelona, and for participation in our mission, etc.
contact us.
Work Camps
at the little monastery of Navalón
Retreats at a little monastery in Spain
The little monastery of Navalón

School of the Word

For both young people and adults who wish to go deeper in their reading of the Gospel and discover “manducation” which reveals to us the face of Jesus and opens our hearts to receive His light.
Fridays, 7:30 p.m.

Open table

Every saturday, we offer an afternoon with the little brothers, little sisters, priests, lay members of the Community, friends, young adults, and families.
After Mass we share a meal together (we prepare it in the morning with everybody’s help), and we talk about our recent experiences in our journey of Faith.

“The Light of the Lamb,” a “little monastery” in Barcelona

The little monasteries of the Lamb seek to be, in the heart of cities, centers of light and peace which bring the Gospel within reach and into the hearts of everyone. Our hope is that the simple architectural design of each monastery manifest the humility of Jesus Christ, so that everyone, rich or poor, may find in them a source of living water.

There will be an open chapel, the living areas adapted to monastic life where the little sisters will prepare themselves for their mission, and there will also be a few rooms for welcoming visitors.

We are looking for the place where the little monastery will be built.
(For more informantion: see our site in Spanish or Catalan).

In order to bring this project to fruition we ask firstly and most urgently for your prayers.

If you wish to help us financially, be assured that the smallest gift would be precious to us.


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