Fraternity of Rome

Rome, Italy

Piccole sorelle dell’Agnello
via dei Santi Quattro, 20
00184 – Roma
T. (+39)
Fax (+39)

Responding to the call of the Church, we have been present in Rome since 1995, living in the eastern part of the monumental complex of Santi Quattro Coronati.

Prayer│ Each day in our chapel we give ourselves over to listening, «seated at the feet of the Lord»: in the daily Eucharist; liturgical offices (day and night); and Eucharistic Adoration.

Fraternal life│ Our daily life consists of humble service, fraternal life, and proximity to the poorest of the poor. Living in the heart of the Church, we willingly share our times of prayer and the experience of our way of life with friends and passing pilgrims.

Mission│ We regularly practice mendicant itinerancy in the neighbourhoods of Rome, and mission in other cities in Italy; offering our liturgy and going out to encounter all through our mendicant way of life.

At present, we are looking for a piece of land where we can build a little monastery of the Lamb; a spiritual centre and place of prayer for the city of Rome.

More information in Italian here.